What is my artistic approach?

As an artist,I love to express my creativity through figurative portrait with oil and acrylic painting.My artworks,brush strokes,selected colours and figures inspired by nature,music and beauty of human body.I try to transfer all my love and passion of beauty through my figurative realism to all my audience.I believe that each single work of my artworks collection conveys a description of beauty and magical sound musical instruments and impress the public.These elements are complementary and very well combined to create a valued painting on my canvas!

Collage & Oil Paint Works

Oil Painting can be on canvas,wood,metal and boards which is mixing pigments with different kinds of oils like walnut oil,poppy seed oil,linseed oil and safflower oil.Each Artist decide to use oils and pigments depend on their techniques.In the renaissance period using oil color became so popular in the Europe in 15th and 16th centuries.

In addition to Oil painting, I also work collage and Mix media in some of my artworks and I believe this method obviously has more varieties and materials to transfer my thoughts and ideas the canvas and ultimately to my audience. In my mix media artworks are combined by different mediums and materials.There are many small materials like photos,writings,fabrics are used in my mix media projects.

Credit by: Thomas Cole, The Course of Empire

I believe in due diligence

My Exhibitions

My most recent group project take place at Zurich,Switzerland from jan 4th to march 30th at artboxproject_official gallery;they are presenting some of my artworks in Artsy at the same time which is worldwide online exhibition for many different and various painting styles.I will be part of the largest international exhibitions in Europe which convey my passion in art to all my audiences.I gain certificate of participation in one of the biggest and prestigious gallery and group exhibition in Europe.(2021 jan-March)

In fact, Artsy features the world’s best galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions, all in one place as a virtual exhibition.I’m honestly proud that My figurative musical paintings are showing on Artsy website, here. Artsy is known and used by people who love art , museum-goers, collectors, art lover students, and educators to learn about or collect art.

One of my group exhibition was held on December 2019 at Richmond Gallery,Toronto for three days.It was a great opportunity and experience to be part of this exhibition.I had an interview with a Persian broadcaster and they show my artworks on TV.Canadien Minister was invited by Richmond Hill gallery anniversary celebration.It was a great gathering of artists to share fruitful ideas,styles and experiences.