The Happy Musician

A red hat musician having a magical and wonderful vacation at Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris .

Project Details


  • Date: November 2020
  • Category: Oil Painting on Canvas
  • Style: Realism
  • Diameters: 24* 24(inches)

What is Oil Painting?

Oil painting dates back for more than hundreds of years and is an artistic practice. In fact, Bamian Valley of Afghanistan, where Indian and Chinese artists created hundreds of paintings in the caves and with this in mind, the earliest usage goes as far back as the fifth century A.D. to the

In the Northern Europe before the 15th century , oil painting art did not achieve widespread prominence.  Netherlandish artist Jan Van Eyck is the most famous with “discovering” the practice, having experimented with techniques  related to oil painting in the wood panel works, introducing his famed Arnolfini wedding portrait. In the end, oil painting was known as a reliable field of art through the rest of Europe, replacing tempera painting known as the most prevalent medium in that region and becoming the painting practice most closely associated with the art of the High Renaissance.

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